Dress Code | Deane Golf Club
Deane Golf Club

Dress Code and Mobile Phone Etiquette

To avoid embarrassment to both you and the club, please adhere to the code below. Any person's not adhering to the code will be politely asked to leave the course and/or clubhouse.

On the Course - Acceptable

  • General golf attire i.e. polo shirts / turtle neck shirts and trousers Tailored shorts with sports socks
  • Golf shoes
  • Shirts MUST be tucked in
  • Hats (Must not be worn backwards)

On the Course - Unacceptable

  • T-shirts, football shirts, rugby shirts, vests, track suits
  • Denim of any kind
  • Combat style trousers / shorts
  • Trainers

In the Clubhouse - Acceptable

  • Smart casual dress
  • Trainers
  • Smart jeans (NOT RIPPED)
  • Tailored shorts
  • Sandals for Ladies & Gentlemen with or without socks
  • Golf shoes ONLY IN THE SPIKE BAR

In the Clubhouse - Unacceptable

  • Tracksuits
  • T-shirts
  • Golf shoes except in the spike bar
  • Golf waterproofs at any time
  • Dirty work clothes / dirty footwear
  • Stocking feet

Hats of any description

Mobile Phone Etiquette

Mobile phones must not be used on the course at any time except in the event of an emergency.

Out of courtesy to our members and guests we kindly request that calls are made within the foyer area, the locker rooms or the sports bar. Please do not use your phone for calls in the Members bar.

Texting and downloading of information is permissible.