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Club 1906

Deane Golf Club is part of a select group of Golf Clubs who celebrated their Centenary in 1906.

The object of the 1906 Club is to create a privilege for all members of such clubs by granting them the facility to play on each other's courses subject to the conditions as set out below.

Subject to the traditions and commitments of each Club, ie Ladies Day, Inter Club matches etc, every 1906 Club will all courtesy of the course to all members of other 1906 Clubs outside of a fifty mile radius, once a year. (some club's waive the mileage restriction, check list for details)

In this context the fifty miles distance is as the crow flies. Members who wish to avail themselves of the privileges of the scheme must first confirm with the club they intend to visit that a tee times is available on the day they wish to play.

They shall present a letter of introduction, ( available from the Secretary ) that confirms they are a members of a participating 1906 Club. It is not intended that this the 1906 Club will be a vehicle for Society outings, no more than eight players will be allowed to book at another 1906 Club on any one day.

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