Deane Golf Club

Greens Newsletter - August 2019

In the early part of our golfing season and more recently to date we have had to deal with some difficult circumstances with regard to the condition of our course.

In May Lancashire County Golf’s requirement to lengthen the course by extending the fourth tee by 40 yards and alter the setup of the eighth hole provided us with a great deal of work in order to retain our standard scratch at 68.

Although LCG were satisfied that this work had been started it was not possible within the time scale to complete all the work required and at the same time continue to maintain the rest of the course to the standard we all expect.

There were two significant reasons for this, one being the loss of our Head Green Keeper Phil Hamer due to illness and the other being a period of inclement weather which made the required groundwork impossible. We are pleased that Phil is now back with us on a phased return to work programme.

The club did try to employ temporary staff but unfortunately this proved unsuccessful.

The support of Richard Ewell, Tony Shaw, Phil Stewart Bob Fraser and others who have freely given up their time has just about kept our heads above water and they deserve our thanks for their efforts.

 If there is anyone else who would be prepared to give up a couple of hours to help out on the course please let me know.


This week we have been able to begin completion of the bunkers on the eighth hole and subject to reasonable weather conditions work should be completed in the near future.

I am aware that a number of members have made comment about the speed of the greens. I understand the importance of a quality putting surface and to that end an iron has been loaned to he club on a demonstration basis to monitor the effect on the speed of the putting surface.

In conclusion my thanks to our greens staff Alan and Ben who have worked under difficult circumstances to present a quality golf course we have all come to expect at our club.

Mike Wyatt - Director of Greens